Why, Lexis, why?

Why Lexis, Why copySometimes it’s the simple things in life which puzzle me.

For instance, why do Lexis continue to measure the estimated time of your download in relation to a 56 kbps connection (i.e dial-up)?  It’s been saying the same thing since year dot (oh and it’s always “<1 minute” isn’t it).  Fancy that.

So, Lexis, I think a little house-keeping is in order.  Just get rid of it. 


  1. What I want to know is, why aren't they supporting Opera, the best browser in the world?! ;D

  2. Why on earth would Lexis want to have a user friendly resource? Whenever I search for information on a Scottish legal term, it insists I really want to search for something else, despite it holding Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia, the Scottish equivalent of Halsbury.
    At least someone's fixed my favourite search suggestion - when I looked for "medium filum", it suggested I wanted to find "medium film". A nice idea (and watching a film is almost always preferable to working), but not much use when I'm looking for the encyclopaedia section discussing ownership of rivers!
    Stupid, stupid Lexis.

  3. Andro - I use the Opera browser exclusively on my Android phone... definitely the best out there atm. I even tried the Windows version recently. It was, erm, fine - but I don't know if that's good enough to take the fight to the big 3.

    Dumpling - good question. Lexis clearly go out of their way to make their user interface as unfriendly as possible (no doubt so they can milk IT training classes as an aftermarket). ;-)


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