The true meaning of Halloween

As we all know, Halloween Hallowe’en (let’s be correct here) is an opportunity to gorge on Mr Kipling’s wide variety of spooky-themed treats. The extent of his Halloween selection is simply staggering now.

Given the volume of them I’ve consumed over the past few weeks, I regard myself as something of an expert in Halloween cakes. 

I am a particular fan of:

  • Fiendish Fancies (you can’t quite beat the orangey icing (Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry would be proud of these sumptuous delicacies!!)   fiendish fancies
  • Cinder Toffee Cake Bars (the taste of that cinder toffee is unparalleled).cinder toffee cake bar
  • Frankenstein Fancies (I’ve only had one box, courtesy of my gf and Tescos – Sainsbury’s don’t sell them for some reason. I can’t help feeling that “Mr Kippers” as I affectionately call him, missed a trick here by not flavouring the lime green icing a err, lime flavour.) frankeinstein fancies
  • Shock and Orange Slices (they’re coloured orange, but aren’t flavoured so). They break the other treats up rather nicely. shock and orange slices
  • Sainsbury’s Halloween Orange Flavoured Donuts (I know they’re not from the Mr Kipling range, but I simply had to mention them. I absolutely dread to think how many boxes of these I’ve consumed over the past 5 / 6 weeks.) Sainsbury's Halloween Donuts

Nom, nom, nom… much too nice for children.

Sadly, I didn’t quite get around to making my chocolate covered apples on a stick (you know, that were all the rage back in the mid-nineties). I notice that supermarkets are still selling the rather disappointing toffee apples, but you can’t find a chocolate coated apple for love nor money. I’m hoping to fix that shortly (as soon as my wooden sticks arrive from Amazon!!).

We also took the time to carve a jack-o-lantern this year, who turned out to be a ghoulishly handsome little fellow. Marmite has been eying him suspiciously all evening.

jack-o-lantern 1jack-o-lantern 2

All in all, it’s been a belter of a Halloween.

I’m also pleased to report that in our 6th year of being poised in readiness for trick or treaters, we FINALLY, FINALLY got some descend on us this year.  My girlfriend (initially caught unawares) dispensed some of my Mr Kipling Halloween goodies to early callers, before she dug out that bumper canister of pear drops (which have a best before date of September 2009) we’ve been keeping to palm off on unsuspecting kids for the past few years. Let’s hope we’re able to get rid of some more next year, too.


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