A Guide to Choosing a Solicitor in the UK

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Thousands of solicitors work in the UK and choosing the right professional for your situation may seem like mission impossible. Picking the right legal expert will often have a significant bearing on the outcome of your legal proceedings.
It is important to do the right research in advance of choosing a solicitor to represent you.  The following simple steps should help take the uncertainty out of the equation.

What Kind of Solicitor do You Need?
Solicitors are experts in different niches. Find someone who is experienced in the particular legal sector that you need help with.

Just like in other professional spheres, specialisation is of uttermost importance.

Assuming that someone is a great solicitor because of their professional successes can be misguided. Look for the person that works with cases like yours and who is familiar with all aspects and procedures of those types of cases.

Recommendations can always be helpful. Ask friends and relatives who have used the services of a solicitor in the past for information.

Be mindful, though, that what works for the needs of one individual may actually be inappropriate for somebody else. You should ask questions about the solicitor’s education, experience, fees and everything else that interests you.

The Internet will give you an opportunity to get recommendations as well. Websites and forums are full of opinions and reviews – so make the most of them. See what people are saying about the professional that you plan to work with. Look for patterns in the experiences of others in relation to a specific lawyer.

Talk to the Shortlisted Solicitors
Use your research to create a shortlist of the solicitors that you are interested in. The next step will involve an interview and a (usually) free consultation. Most professionals in the legal sector will usually be willing to offer you a free session that will help you make up your mind.

Draft a list of questions in advance. Some of the most typical things to ask include background information on the solicitor’s practice; how many years of experience do they have, what kinds of legal problems does the solicitor deal with most frequently and what the cost will be.

Describe your situation and try and determine whether the solicitor has handled similar cases in the past.

Do your research before hiring a solicitor, even if you are in a hurry. Taking the time to find the right professional for your case will dramatically increase your chances of success.


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