Christmastime once again

You see, I know it must be that time of year again, faithful reader, because Law Actually has received its annual festive makeover.

Be right back

I’m a bit more satisfied with this year’s attempt; it’s good to have the horrors of trying to decorate that nauseating coffee and cream monstrosity from last year a full 12 months behind me.

Never has the expression, “putting lipstick on a pig” been more appropriate.


20112011 Christmas header

The 2010 version still has a special place in my heart, however.  I think it was the falling snow.2010 Christmas header

Which, it turned out, was just an improved version on the 2009 attempt.2009 Christmas header

And 2008’s theme seems like centuries ago!  Still, happy days as I recall.2008 Christmas header

Ah – and the Christmas header which started it all off back in 2007.2007 Christmas header

Nothing like a trip down memory lane, eh?

There aren’t many left in the blawgoshpere who have been around for all of my LA Christmas makeovers - save for the lovely Andro, of course. 

Party smile


  1. All so festive. I love the one with the falling snow. I'd like to add that to my blog if I can figure out how! ;) I'm loving this year's festive design - especially the Christmas hat!

  2. hehe... but I've just visited your blog and I see you have falling snow!! Nice job! ;-) It looks great against your purple background.

  3. Thank you! It didn't take me long to figure it out! Hope you had a good Christmas :)


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