Dolphin enjoys a bite of lunch

dolphin lunch

From Sky News 03/12/12:

Jillian Thomas was holding out fish to feed to dolphins at Orlando's SeaWorld when she got an unexpected surprise.

Ah yes – holding out fish along with scores of other children, taunting hungry dolphins with food. Don’t ya just love these sealife theme parks?

While she was feeding the usually friendly mammals, a dolphin lunged at her and nipped her hand.

Hmm - more of a loving squeeze judging from the video. And besides, miscalculations do happen whilst eating from time to time. I got a teaspoon wedged in my mouth the other day. The poor coffee shop owner didn’t know what to do!

Be right back

The girl, whose parents posted the video on YouTube to make other people aware of the dangers, suffered three small puncture wounds.

Jillian's father, Jamie Thomas, told local media the family were angry at the theme park for not warning them of the dangers of dolphin feeding.

Because wild creatures are notoriously predictable aren’t they?  Besides, aren’t the dangers self-evident – signs or no signs? It sounds like Jillian’s parents would’ve been better leaving her at home with a stuffed toy dolphin. I bet he wouldn’t have nipped her.

"We felt powerless," he said.

Now wouldn’t that have been an opportune moment for an unconscionable firm to spam-text Jillian’s parents about making that personal injury claim? 

"We thought, look, we've got this video, let's make it public, and let's try to put some pressure on SeaWorld to make some changes."

How about getting parents to engage their brains as well? ;-) Just a thought.

A SeaWorld statement said: "Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests, employees and animals.

Well thank God the poor animals get a mention. Humans can be infuriatingly ignorant sometimes.


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