Do ex bloggers ever pop back for old times’ sake?

blogger at work (Small)I’ve been having a massive clear out of Google Reader subscriptions over the last couple of days. I must have deleted dozens and dozens.  It’s certainly not creaking under the strain any longer.

Many of those I deleted were for old (once prolific) contributors to the blawgosphere who had either deleted or mothballed their blogs or had suddenly disappeared without trace, having left virtual tumbleweed to blow across their slowly decaying posts.

I kept a subscription to many of them on the off chance they suddenly returned to blogging, but many of them have been absent for over 2 years now.  I think that says they aren’t coming back - however painful that might be to accept.

It got me thinking about whether old bloggers who have suddenly left the ‘sphere ever pop back out of curiosity.  Once you pack away the keyboard for good, is it possible to just switch off completely and never give the blogosphere another thought?   That’s quite a sad prospect if it’s true.

Personally, I love trawling back through old blog posts and looking (and cringing) about some of the stuff I’ve posted in the past.


  1. Two years plus? They're dead, Jim. Maybe they got sick of it, maybe they're blogging on a new account on a new subject, who knows. Which reminds me, I haven't posted in yonks... I'm lazy.

  2. I know, I know... I was recklessly optimistic they'd be coming back. :-(

    I remember the hey-day of the UK student blawgosphere and it's such a shame it's degenerated into just a shadow of its former self. All good things must come to an end I suppose.

  3. I remember when all this 'ere was just blawgs....yup, there's a fair bit of emptiness around, I think a lot of people have shifted to Twitter for the immediacy of response and interaction

  4. I know - and isn't that just a hideous shame. :-(

    I jumped on Twitter in the really early days (Jan. 2007 as I recall) but I never really took to it like I have to blogging.

    I find Twitter increasingly irritating and rarely bother checking it out week to week now.

  5. That's true! Your blogging antics are sorely missed. You should come back as a full-blown blogger again! :-)

  6. One can hope Michael.

    Andro - I second what Michael says :)


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