Millions of British workers don’t see daylight

January Blues (Small)From Law Donut 21/12/12:

The dark mornings and even longer, darker nights mean that millions of workers who don't take lunch-breaks only see the sun on weekends. And research conducted on behalf of Beurer, makers of Brightlight Daylight Lamps, finds that more than a quarter of us regularly stay in the house over the entire weekend too. As a result, 35% of those polled experience a lack of energy at work during the autumn and winter months, 42% said they don't have enough sleep, and 33% suffer from subdued moods.

These depressing statistics are truly horrific when you stop to think about it.  I’m sure submariners get more vitamin D than the average UK office worker (if only by way of diet).

As a general rule, I try and force myself to go out of the office at lunchtimes - even if for only 15 minutes or so.  It’s bad enough to be chained to your desk for a ridiculously high proportion of the week, without not bothering to leave that imprisoning piece of furniture when you’re actually given the chance.  You’ve got to help yourself sometimes, too.

Besides which, I find a good stomp down to town can work wonders on the creative side of my brain.  A seemingly insurmountable legal problem before lunch can be all but solved by the time I’ve got back the office.

And people not leaving the drudgery of their homes at weekends sounds almost too much to bear.  I know the weather might not always cooperate, but breathing stale air whilst acquiring prison pallour is hardly a recipe for good health.

Which reminds me, how are those January blues coming along there?  Be right back


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