Domain Names – When an apostrophe makes ALL the difference

Remember these brarmers?  Well, I discovered one ‘in the wild’ just the other day.

Trawling through some results on Google, I spied a URL which didn’t seem to quite fit the search term: (www dot) oneillpatient (dot co dot uk).

One-ill-patient. Thinking it was in poor taste and that I’d discovered a new low in the level to which medical malpractice firms would stoop, I quickly discovered it was a case of crossed wires.

It turned out a missing apostrophe was to blame and it was these guys (a wholly reputable law firm I might add). 

Not a medical negligence specialist

Funnily enough, they don’t specialise in medical negligence claims … (I wonder if they’re missing a trick there!!).

If only URLs could accommodate apostrophes, the world would be a much less confusing place.


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