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laughing lawyerFrom the Solicitors’ Journal 22/02/13:

Jonathan Smithers asks what the horse meat scandal can teach lawyers about the free market and consumer expectations.

The recent Tesco burger scandal, finding that the ingredients might feature more Dobbin than Daisy has spawned some great internet humour. My favourite was about the joker who took an unused record store gift token to Tesco, trying to swap it for some burgers, contending that HMV stood for horse meat voucher. All very amusing […].

Hmmm. It’s hardly a Benny Hill moment, is it? They do say it’s the way you tell ‘em. Granted, solicitors aren’t known for their sense of humour and I’ve told some awful howlers in my time, but this ranks lowly on the snicker-scale.

If you’re wondering, I haven’t bothered quoting any longer extracts for two reasons. Firstly, you can draw a parallel between virtually any news story and the legal profession needing to strive for excellent customer service if you really want to.  It’s a question of how hard you want to look.  Secondly, the observations made in the article are insufferably trite and predictable.

Ne’er mind. We all struggle for content sometimes. Be right back


  1. Well, lawyers actually need to be humourous so that they can establish a good relation and even friendship with their clients. Humour clears the air and even helps with the case.


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