University Offers – Picking & Choosing

choosing a law degreeThe Telegraph advises students (with a little help from UCAS’ Cathy Gilbert) how to make that killer decision when deciding which university offer to accept.

Ah – the joys.  I remember that dreaded period during A levels when we had all UCASsed our little hearts out and were anxiously waiting for those offers to come back.  If my experience was anything to go by, A levels are an absolutely hideous time in someone’s life and the university application process just adds to the misery.

For what it’s worth, I loved my law degree degrees (heck – one leads to another, right?) but I hated A levels with an intense passion.

Anyhow, what this really reminded me of was a ‘student confession’ quote I saw on the Huffington Post late last year.  It was one of those things in life you just have to take a screenshot of.  I still grimace when I read it now.


My ex and I were together for about 9 months. We broke up when I found out she had been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend for the entire thing. Having discovered this, I promptly went on her UCAS and declined both of her offers. #Gapyear

- Birmingham Uni

Yikes!!  Surprised smile

I believe that’s called serving revenge piping hot.


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