Don't Be a Victim after an Accident at Work: Show Initiative

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Accident at Work
Have you been harmed at work and the incident wasn’t your fault? When a business is liable for a personal injury accident, they’ll do all they can to mitigate costs – that means attempting to con you out of the compensation you deserve. Don’t be a victim twice. Avoid silly mistakes by getting law advice as soon as possible and wise up to their tricks.

Get a Lawyer

Handling your claim by yourself will lead to you getting less compensation – it’s as simple as that. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (especially your employers), as it’s statistically proven to be true.

You may be asked to make statements for insurance purposes, but don’t approach these without the help of a lawyer. The business is hoping that you’ll say something damaging, so they can hold it against you in court. Don’t sign a thing until your lawyer has given it a once-over and the appropriate personal injury advice.

Collect Evidence

Remember who saw your accident and take down their details, so you can use their support in the future. Witnesses are crucial for gathering evidence. Also try to take photographs of the scene and write key notes about your accident. Jot down your account of events while they’re still fresh in your mind, so you don’t muddle the facts.

Get Medical Attention

Even if your injuries are minor, go straight to a doctor – don’t delay. Leaving medical attention until later can be considered an intentional exacerbation of your injuries and will count against you in court. This examination can add to your portfolio of evidence.

Also, you may be more injured than you first think; get a medical opinion for the sake of your health. Routinely follow any treatment you’re given and go to every subsequently arranged appointment. Again, if you neglect to do this, it’ll reduce the amount of compensation you’ll receive.

Some injuries can become worse over time, so don’t make a settlement on minor damages, unless your doctor has assured you that you’ll make a full and speedy recovery. Even then, don’t move hastily. You never know if your accident will turn into a nasty condition later down the line.

Keep Records Religiously

Store away any documents regarding injury-related expenses – that means lost wages, medical costs, and changes to lifestyle. You can be compensated for this later, so become more organised with your filing system and claim these figures back. You may even be able to apply for estimated losses in the future, if your injury has long-term ramifications.

Immediately Seek Legal Help

The longer you leave the case, the colder the trail goes. Evidence and witnesses are hard to come by and it can harm your case if you leave everything to the last minute. It’s likely you’ll end up leaving with far less compensation than you deserve, unless you immediately get your compensation claim going. Leave it for over three years and you’ll lose the case altogether.

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