ABS don’t smell (that) bad

(It’s just they don’t smell too good either - says ill-informed respondents to survey)

ABS tesco lawFrom the Solicitors Journal 04/06/13:

Students remain in the dark when it comes to changing legal services, says survey.

More than half of law students would not seek work with an ABS, a recent survey has reported.

According to the University of Law's 'ABS Survey', 58 per cent of students said they would not want to work for ABS.

Director of family law and head of professional practice at the Co-operative Legal Services Jenny Beck […] said: "ABS is a very significant development for the legal industry and law students need to be aware of the opportunities it brings."

Read: working as perpetual career paralegal.

Within larger ABSs, said Beck, trainee solicitors have the opportunity to develop not only their core legal skills, but also complementary business skills to further their professional development.

Oh give me strength. “Complementary business skills”? Is this the new “commercial awareness” cliché that has been wheeled out frequently to LPC students, trainees and newly qualifieds for years? I guess all clichés wear out eventually. ;-)

I understand that ABS are here and are unfortunately here to stay, but still. I’m not sure I’d fancy jumping on board just yet, but it doesn’t pay to never say never.

And would a profession chock-full of paralegals be that bad?

Actually… don’t answer that.  Be right back


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