Playground brawl between parents resolved by police with CS spray

playground fightFrom BBC News 30/05/13:

Police used CS spray to break up a fight between parents in the playground of an infants [sic] school.

The fight broke out at Penryn Infants School in Cornwall as children waited to be collected.

Devon and Cornwall Police said some people began "behaving in a disorderly way".

Officers were forced to use captor spray, a pepper-based CS spray, on a man who was allegedly assaulting a pupil's mother.

A man was arrested and has been released on bail until July, pending further inquiries.

The spray is believed to have been deployed in front of children in the school playground during the incident last Thursday.

A force spokesman confirmed that the spray was used in the playground.

Oh that’s just lovely. It’s nice to see the parents of Penryn setting such an example to their children as to how to behave in a playground. What was that about do unto others?

I wonder what happened. Did one parent push in line at the kids’ pick-up time?

I miss Cornish life sometimes. Far from being the sleepy, parochial county full of cream teas, country lanes and sweet tranquillity that it sometimes makes out, what you really get is parents fighting in school playgrounds and the occasional man chopping his own penis off in the street. It seems it’s all going on down at Penryn!


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