iPop – Woman’s fake boob explodes after lying on floor to play phone game

botched boob jobThat thing exploded I tell you.  EXPLODED!

Story at: NY Daily News 26/06/13:

A Chinese woman's breast implant exploded after she lay on her stomach playing an iPhone game for four hours, it's claimed.

Doctors think the poor quality of the fake boob, combined with the pressure placed on them for such a long time, caused it to rupture.

This should come as a stark warning to gamers (or anyone sporting a silicon-enhanced chest): you need to take care of those sweater puppies when lying on hard floors. Surely your surgeon warned you…

The woman had been playing "Dragon Summoner" in bed when she felt a searing pain in her chest.

I hope the paramedics gave the woman her phone back on the way to hospital. Why let a medical emergency get in the way of gaining extra ‘achievement unlocked’ points?

I wonder if any claim-snouting ambulance-chasing lawyers were in hot pursuit. After all, there’s a potential medical negligence claim in there somewhere (besides the smell of burst silicone, of course).

So if you’ve suffered a breast implant explosion (whether a result of gaming, paintballing or otherwise), rest assured there are lawyers out there who can help. 

Be right back

Let’s hope she’s back on the game soon.  You know, I mean playing the game.


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