Banking Law is Dead

IT Law - it must be love Week one of the academic calendar dawned full of hope and optimism. Not only did the public transport I depend on live up to its promise of a ‘regular and punctual service’ – for both legs of the journey - but the Competition Law lecture was a belter and my module change was approved – for IT law. Yes, faithful blogwatchers: you know this is the stuff which really gets me going in the morning. Well, so to speak.

If you were wondering why this module wasn’t already on my ‘to study’ list, well, it was. Back in April, though, I was advised that I couldn’t take it because I had taken a similar module as an undergraduate and so had to revise my choice. Rather than concerning myself with finger-pointing, I’m just relieved I can take the module after all. So anyway, the long and the short of it is that Banking Law is dead.... long live IT Law!

On the downside, though, it does mean I’m in tomorrow morning and have an incredibly early start the day after. Still, I mustn’t grumble; I only have myself to blame.

Now that I’m settling into my new course, I’ll probably wind up these ‘progress report’ style posts and just give the occasional round-up on how things are going. As my schedule gets busier and my posts grow fewer, I don’t want the content of the posts I do get time to put out to degenerate into some kind of web diary. This is Law Actually after all – not ‘Susie Law School’.

Just kidding Susie... we loved you really.


BTW: I hope you all enjoyed my loved-up graphic!


  1. The photoshop collage is amazing =D It's like your whole post in one picture!

    Congrats on getting your modules changed. Competition law sounds a bit dry... or maybe it's just me.

  2. I'm glad someone appreciated it, Andro! :-)


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