Day 3: The Google Car

The Google Car As promised, faithful readers, I've bounced back on day 3 of the LLM adventure, shrugging off the problems of yesterday.  Luckily I've suffered no transport dramas or weather issues and my programme for today was as painless as it was well-structured.  I particularly liked the fact we were allowed to slink off this afternoon as and when we so wished.  I certainly wasn't going to sit there through all 3 or so hours of info on every LLM module the university offers. 

It's been smooth sailing from the first lap to the last today: even before setting off, I noted with pleasure that my shoes had dried out more or less completely from the soaking they received in the city yesterday!  Still, this kind of luck can't last.  As the back cover of John McCain's book 'Hard Call' alludes to: good luck can be notoriously unreliable.  Fear not, faithful reader - I don't own this title.  I was simply killing time in Waterstones earlier. 

On a less positive note, I've now discovered that I need to head in on Friday after all, albeit briefly.  While it's not a major inconvenience, it's completely blown the prospect of my long weekend out of the water.  Damn!

And finally, on the trip back home I spied 'the' [infamous and elusive] Google [maps] car out and about, turning out of a residential area.  I was somewhat satisfied to see that even the great and majestic Google aren't above getting stuck in traffic!  Anyway, for fear of his cameras being left rolling when negotiating junctions, I refrained from making any obscene gestures out of the window.  Probably a wise decision.


  1. Umm... What is a google car? =/

  2. It's a car with a camera mounted on top of its roof which goes around the country taking footage for use on the 'street view' section of Google maps. People have been bitching in the last few months about privacy issues if they, their children or house etc. are caught on the footage.

    I'm amazed you haven't heard about it Andro.

  3. I know. I can't believe it either!

    Although I do remember reading about drug dealers etc being caugh on camera =D


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