End of Week 0

Late Bus Luckily my first week of the LLM – the so-called week zero (go figure) - passed without major incident. I had another very close call with the bus timing on Friday, however, and literally had to run the whole way up to the law school to have my first meeting with my personal tutor. The interview itself was fine and dandy although I could have done without the stress of having to set a new lap record to get there in time. And to those people I bowled over on the street sprinting up there, I apologise.

Luckily my personal tutor seemed a laid back enough guy to not let my 2 minutes of lateness prejudice his opinion of his new pupil. Well, not too much, let’s hope.

Anyway, I need to head in early tomorrow morning for my first lecture on Competition Law which should be a blast. One thing I’ve definitely noticed from the timetabling fiascos which are still plaguing me is just how little class contact there is on LLM courses. That suits me just fine, however, as have never needed to be guided through by the nose as an undergrad.

I still don’t have a definitive answer over my module change yet which has now been compounded by a ‘protocol issue’ and the timetabling foul-up. I’m hoping that’s going to be resolved in the next day or so.

And finally, I have an interview this week for a temporary job running up to Christmas which I’m hoping will help grease the wheels a little during this LLM-year. Fingers crossed for Wednesday, then!!


  1. Good luck for your interview! :)

  2. Good luck!

    I will be handing my C.v's out tomorrow so hopefully I can get a xmas temp job.


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