Enough of the 'Hooey'

Cloud Computing You know those moments you have when you hear someone say something that’s so ignorant, wrong and just plain stupid, you want to take them to one side and systematically explain to them everything that’s wrong with their statement? Come on, I know it isn’t just me who has these experiences! For one, I know that Lois in Family Guy has such a moment with her husband, Peter.

Well, I found an article that produced just this effect on me a couple of days ago. Cue John Naughton’s blurb published on the Guardian’s website:

[T]his hooey was conscientiously relayed by Cellan-Jones, who was too polite to ask why, if Vista is such a success, Ballmer is to unveil its successor, Windows 7, to the Microsoft developers' conference at the end of this month.

Oh John, just go back to sleep.

As if that wasn’t enough, he spurns out another corker trying to explain exactly what ‘cloud computing’ is:

The company's response to cloud computing - the provision of email, word-processing, spreadsheets and presentation software via the browser - is especially interesting.

Oh come on, John. Now you’re just being silly!


  1. What's wrong with Vista?! :)

  2. ... apart from the high requirements and incompatibility with anything!

  3. There's nothing wrong with Vista, Andro. I was just pointing out the author’s ignorance of the wider issues at play here, the way the tech industry and particularly Microsoft works.

    For what it’s worth I run Vista and I like it – a lot. It’s not perfect – I’ve never claimed it is – but it is a big step up from XP without a doubt.

    I’ve only ran into two issues with compatibility – both of them software related. Firstly with Inksaver – which forced me to use an alternative program ‘EcoPrint2’ which is excellent and Vista compatible Secondly, Steganos Safe 8 doesn’t work on Vista so will have to upgrade to their latest version.

    On both those counts, it did occur to me that I could just run XP in a virtual machine from within Vista and just use it (XP) for printing and accessing my safe but I sensibly realised that might get a bit annoying. BTW: I’m running Ubuntu in a virtual machine for my ‘open source law student’ project that I know you’re such a fan of! :-P


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