Quantum of Solace - It's Nearly Here

The tension is palpable, the feeling of expectation is neck-breakingly high and I’m already beginning to break out in cold sweats of excitement just thinking about it. Yes, it can only mean one thing:

The new Bond film has (virtually) arrived.

Premiering next Friday on Halloween – go figure – the 22nd official Bond film, Quantum of Solace, is set to pick up exactly where the story in Casino Royale stopped.

Later this week, I’ll be releasing my final ‘preview’ of the new film before my comprehensive ‘Quantum of Solace – The Michael’s Review’ sometime next weekend.

I know what you’re thinking, readers: I spoil you so.


  1. Looks soo good! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Is that an advert on the right? ;D

  3. You're a cheeky one, Andro! Yes it is an ad.... I thought I'd break with my morals on this one seeing as it's for something so important! :-P

  4. I've only seen 2 bond films so far ('Die another day' and 'Casino Royal'). I might as well watch this one too; if only for Daniel Craig and the cars!

  5. Casino Royale was a belter! Best Bond film of all time IMO. Can't say the same for Die Another Day, though!

    You approve of Daniel Craig's performance then Andro? :-P

  6. I didn't enjoy 'Die another day' at all. It was just too over the top, I thought.

    Daniel Craig is alright. ;D

  7. Die Another Day was a joke... some elements of it just descended into farce completely. Bond surfing a tsunami for instance plus his invisible car?!? What was all that about?! And why the hell they let Madonna worm her way in with a cameo performance is still beyond me. Add John Cleese into the mix and it's a recipe for disaster!!


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