Another Assignment – Another ‘Legal Space’

I’m currently busily occupied cracking out the 2nd of my 3 Corporate Governance assignments – due in the middle of next week.  Happily, I’ve been able to tick-off from my checklist the IT law assignment and dissertation synopsis – both of which were causing me no end of trouble.  I’ve got a bad feeling about my IT law paper – more with the flow of the essay than the content – but it’s too late to worry about it now, I suppose.  I definitely find it much more difficult to whittle the range of material down in that subject – probably due to my ‘boundless enthusiasm’ for cyberlaw in general.

Not much has changed in my ‘legal space’.  Different assignment – but still reasonably tidy.  I got on with a bunch of filing on Monday (while Zetoc was down – a very, very sore subject with me at the moment) so cleared the backlog previously cluttering my desk. 

Fun fact: it’s not coffee in my ‘coffee’ mug – it’s tea.  Unusual because I’m not much of a tea-drinker.

While adjusting the curves (contrast to the non-technically minded) of the image in Photoshop, I created this inverted, rather freaky version:


I kind of like it. 


  1. How long did it take you to set up that 'exposition' on your desk? Poser. :P

    Re inverted image - I can see why you need a dual display for your photoshop work. The image is simply amazing; do you have a high resolution version?

  2. P.s.

  3. Despite what you might think, it wasn't an 'exposition'. During a break in my research yesterday, my desk was looking quite tidy so thought I'd take the opportunity to post another 'legal space' shot. I am not a 'poser' as you claim - well, I am, but only sometimes :p

    Your desk space certainly has that 'lived in' look. :p I was a touch surprised as I thought you'd be fastidious when it comes to tidiness.

    I'll post a picture of my legal space when my desk is at is messiest soon - hopefully that will appease you. :)

    Re. the picture, yes, I do have a higher resolution shot - any particular reason why you asked?

  4. My Dear Michael,

    That really is YOUR Workspace?! I am suspicious! It is too too tidy, too too organised!!! Andro's space is more to it, I must say!
    (I am too ashamed to post ANY pics of mine, tip doesnt begin to describe it, but it is a friendly and contented sort of a tip , where the Thesis Monster Frolicks Happily ;However, one, just ONE Post-it Note even REMOTELY out of SYNC with the Curve of Carus and the whole system will descend into absolute ANARCHY!!!!)

  5. Sometimes I feel like you don't speak sarcasm, Michael

  6. Err, yeah. Sometimes I feel like I don't speak it too! :-/

  7. Very nice picture, so organize. I like it too.


  8. Poser tw4t. Get some mates and leave your beloved desk for enough time to crack a real smile amongst others you d1ck.


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