25 Random Things (About Facebook Users)

Continuing with my Facebook theme of yesterday, I thought I’d post this amusing parody of Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 things’ which bemoans users’ tendency to post ‘random’ facts about themselves on FB (and for that matter, other social networking services). 

My latest social networking related hate, though, is the content of so many users’ profiles on Twitter.  Quite why anybody feels the need to laden down a blurb about themselves with corny and meaningless attributes like ‘friend’, ‘father’, ‘loving husband’ etc. etc. I really don’t get.  Virtually every single person on earth is a friend to somebody, and do you know how many parents and spouses there are in the world?  To those people, I would simply say: seriously – you need to get over yourselves!  Oh, don’t tell me, you’re a ‘PR guru’ and ‘entrepreneur’ too.  Of course you are – as well as being a ‘social butterfly’ for good measure.  While I’m at it, I’m guessing you’re a blogger’ an ‘optimist’ and an ‘internet enthusiast’ too. 

Really?  Well, good for you.  You and all the other tens of millions out there!


  1. Good parody.

    Are you on twitter, by the way?

  2. Well I'm glad someone appreciate. BTW, I had to look up who Mylie Cyrus was - I'm so out of touch.

    And yes, I'm on twitter - whether that's a good or bad thing though is still open for debate. Username is 'lawactually' - go figure! :p

  3. 65 Following 77 Followers

    O.M.G. And you have the cheek to have a go at the facebook?! :P

  4. You don't miss a trick do you, Andro, or the opportunity to moan at me! :p


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