When Word Verification Turns Nasty

So there I was last night, entering a comment on someone’s blog (who uses Blogger’s word verification to help keep pesky spammers at bay) when this insult pops up:

Word Verification Turns Nasty

















The irony was I had showered that morning. :p


  1. That really made me smile! Hope revision is going well xx

  2. To avoid comments like this, it's advisable to shower *every* morning. :P

  3. It's a bit like an evil version of those 'love hearts' sweeties:-)

  4. It is often said that the truth hurts :p

  5. Andro and Oliver: I'm deeply offended! :p

    AW: Glad you liked it, and yeah, my revision is coming along okay thanks. At least you weren't rude to me! :-)

    BM: The parallel wasn't obvious to me re. the 'love heart sweeties' but now you point it out.... :p

  6. ha ha just got round to reading this - excellent. It's like a magic 8 ball.

  7. I think google (who now own blogger) select a mangled real word as part of the word verification, and the word they choose is based on the contents of the post. I've had some doosies over the last few months!

  8. Yeah, I'm certain it could have been much ruder to me! Maybe I should be thankful it was so mild! :-)


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