When Lawyers Panic

From the Times 30/04/09 – Lawyer of the Week (Jo Pizzala)

What was your worst day as a lawyer?

In a particularly awful domestic violence case, I suspected that a husband whom I was acting against was parking outside my office (he had been in prison for firearms offences). I called the police and an innocent man who was merely looking for a parking space for the dentist next door was cuffed and thrown across the bonnet of his car by the armed rapid response team.

‘Easily done’, I guess.  And ‘better safe than sorry’.  Any other tired clichéd phrases I can throw at it?  No, I think that will do for now.


  1. Shocking. You would think the police would have taken extra precautions to ensure that it was the right person and not an innocent bystander. One word: Menezes.

  2. Wise words, CBC. The police are way too trigger-happy these days!


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