Yet More Fun with Keywords

Keywords Update Despite my supposed ‘break’ from blawging for the exam season, I thought it was high time I provided another selection of keywords that certain visitors have used to surf their way over to Law Actually.  There are some real brarmers in there:  

people suing dum resons” – This visitor was from the states. Perhaps s/he should have looked closer to home for examples.

career prospects after llb” – I would say ‘varied’. Next?

microsoft songsmith any good” – No, no it’s not.

microsoft songsmith why is it so good” It’s not. I thought we just established that.

little's law assignment” Is that as opposed to ‘big’s law assignment’?

cloud computing law jurisprudence” – You what?!?

i lost my respect at wes' house of ribs” Yeah, we’ve all lost our self respect buddy. And the phrase is: “I lost my self respect at wes’ rib house”. Just so we’re clear.

legal space amount for people at a desk” Room for an average sized notepad, can of mountain dew and a stapler. Next?

wtf is calibri” It’s a font, dear. Just a font.

macbook air for law school” – Go and get one then, you show-off!

clean washing machine gunk left on ipod” – Oh, eewww!

is law school worth the cost” – Err, ask me another.

as a foreigner would you do the lpc or bvc” Oh you’re just winding me up now.

i am a law lecturer with lpc biography”  Are you now?!

hot lass law student” Oh really?

hoe many lpc students don't get a training contract” Hoe many? An awful lot.

noise at night who to call in uk” Ghostbusters? Just a guess.

law grads difficulty finding training contracts” – oh really! Has it taken this long for the penny to drop?

lawactualy” – oh, do me a favour!

you tube training contract” – Ok, this can’t be good on a number of levels.

i want a dictaphone to record my univeristy lectures” Do you? That’s nice!

i can't afford my bvc” – Put your begging bowl away please.

why my writing is sloppy”  Because you don't make enough effort?

tape has snapped dictaphone tape help” Yikes.

domain names funnies”

It’s good to see the dudes at Pinsent Masons using a wide variety of research materials in this day and age. So whichever PM employee spent 10 minutes reading my Google Maps Streetview Silliness post, I hope you liked it. Leave a comment next time, eh? ;-)


  1. LOL they get funnier and funnier each time!!

  2. While your keywords remain funny, mine remain deeply concerning.

  3. I've no idea how to trace keyword searches.

    How'd you work out one was a PM solicitor? I've got some mates there actually!

  4. Mel: You can get a free account from a tracking service - I currently use Statcounter and Google Analytics though there is quite a selection on their. You then insert a line of code into your blog and it'll start tracking your traffic.

    Re. how I knew about the Pinsent Masons visitor, Statcounter flagged up up their ISP has "Pinsent Masons". Not much room for a different interpretation, really!


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