Brief Hiatus – Courtesy of the Exam Season

Exam SeasonYes, it’s that time of year, again, and much as I would love to carry on blogging with full vigour, I feel compelled to focus on revision for my two exams: company law and competition law. Happily, the dreaded exam season only has 3 and a bit weeks left to run, with my final exam on June 9th.

This hiatus is particularly ill-timed, though, as there is a wealth of potentially bloggable material out there at the moment:

- Lawyers protest over ‘Tesco Law’ as it takes one further step towards reality. Oh yes!

- The findings of Lord Justice Jackson’s report on the status and future of civil litigation. As the Times reports, somewhat predictably, the prognosis isn’t exactly one of unmitigated good health. The article made some interesting suggestions for reform as regards lawyers’ success fees and alternative payment structures as well as suggestions in response to the broader problems that ensue from contingency fee arrangements, particularly in respect of personal injury cases.

- The EU fining Intel for competition law infringements. Actually, if I’m honest, competition law and I aren’t exactly on the best of terms right now, so I doubt I would have blogged about this anyway.

- I had intended to post a ‘revision procedure’ post, based on my tried and trusted methods. That might still emerge at some point but quite when, God alone knows.

Despite this heads-up re. the hiatus, I might still throw up one or two posts in the next 3 weeks, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’m relying heavily on caffeine to see my through these 3 weeks and need all the help I can get, particularly as far as competition law is concerned. Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck with those exams Michael! You shall be missed but I suspect you will return with no end of blogging goodies for us to enjoy!



  2. Good luck!! I'm sure ur gonna do well!!

  3. Thanks, CBC. I'm sure these 3 weeks will fly by and that the blawgosphere will cope just fine without me! :-)

  4. Thanks, Pooni. Fingers crossed that I do OK! :-/

  5. Good luck! We'll miss your facebook rants :P

  6. Thanks, Andro. I'm sure, you'll miss my rants. :p And my hypocrisy in respect of Twitter.

    Ehhhh, you all love it!

  7. Ah, unless I decide to do a masters or have some other daft idea, all my exams for legal education were finished this year. So, for once, I can enjoy the sunshine (well) and relax whilst all the students stress.

    Of course, once they're all done you can enjoy the summer (again, well) whilst I'm still putting in the 9-5, so I don't feel that well off.

    Best of luck anyway :)

  8. I know I already said good luck on twitter, but thought I'd drop by and say good luck on here too (having a chance to read the post properly - ipod way too small).

    best of luck :)

  9. Thanks Asp and Travis! :-)

  10. All the Best, Michael - you will reign supreme!! ( besides think of the happy HAPPY day when there will be no more exams - EVER!!!!!)

  11. what is the revision procedure?
    Can it cover 5 days for two exams??!?!?!

  12. Good luck! My memories of undergrad competition law are less than fond!

  13. Thanks everyone.

    Lost: that sounds like a tall order, even for my revision procedure.

    Odysseus: My exam in solely in EC competition law... talk about a double whammy!! :-(

  14. Good luck!! I'm sure you're gonna make it!!



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