If Valentine’s Day cards told the truth…

If romance has well and truly deserted you and/or you’re a hardcore valentine’s cynic, this will no doubt appeal.  I stumbled across this gem on Cracked.com via Digg a couple of days ago and the full list is well worth checking out. 

Beggars  Dating Clothes


Bee Mine Recycled Valentines


  1. Haha... So which one did you send?

  2. Very amusing...

    I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day...It's just a commercial "holiday"

  3. ...they would be the best Valentine's day cards in the world?!

  4. Glad you all liked the 'cards'.
    Andro, I sent a more tasteful one than any of the designs here. You should have realised my aversion to tackiness from my Valentine's header! :P

  5. Ah. Cards to go with answers to the time worn questions of " Does my Bum look big in this"? and "Do you WEALLY Lubs me?!"
    (oooo, I am such a CYNIC!!!)


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