Saturday, 19 February 2011

Happy Birthday Law Actually

Happy Birthday Law Actually graphic

Yep, they come around quickly, don’t they? Law Actually is 4 today!

I created and started the blog, Law Actually, on 19th February 2007, and an awful lot has happened in the blawgosphere during these four years. We’ve all seen a lot of blawggers come and go, whilst some of the respected stalwarts have stuck it out and continue to go from strength to strength. I guess Law Actually is somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes, now more than ever, I struggle a bit to find the time to keep updating Law Actually as often as I’d like, but that struggle is worth suffering in my opinion.  Blogging is still something I enjoy and have always found strangely therapeutic for whatever reason.

I’ve tried to ‘do my bit’ in reinforcing the camaraderie in the UK blawgsphere over the last 12 months.  I’ve continued to flag-up newbie bloggers as I stumble across them (check out the previous post for the latest) and my blawgin’ lovin’ campaign, remote interviews and co-hosted 2010 Blawggies (with Andro and Law Minx) all went down a storm.  Well, kind of.

I still intend to be about and actively blogging for a while yet. Will I make it to the big 5 years in 12 months’ time? Who knows?  I hope so. 

But what ever happens, I hope you, faithful reader, will be tagging along for the ride.

Be right back


  1. Congrats! You must have one of the oldest, most active blogs :) Keep it up! :)

  2. Congratulations ! You are an inspiration to us law bloggers.

    Have a Scottish single malt on me (or whatever your preference).

  3. (*sings, rather off key*)

    ** Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo BIRDIE, Dear Ewe,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes**

    - And many Hippo Returns!!

    Seriously Michael, congrats on running such a fab blog. Long may you continue to do so! :)

  4. advertising yourself in my blog are we michael? i thought you were on my blogroll already to be honest, but as it seems you are not, i will rectify that immediately!

    remember that email about the damn landlord? Still NOTHING.

  5. NSWAK, Android, LY, Obiter, Minxy, thanks all for the warm wishes! :-) LY, single malt sounds good to me! ;-)

    Ana, I wasn't advertising myself in your blog at all; I just wanted to let you know I've featured in my mini review. :-) That' very bad news on the landlord situation btw! :-(

    And finally, since posting my review of newcomers to there 'sphere on Thursday, No Such Word as Kan't has stepped forward -

    As estate agents love to say, "a viewing comes highly recommended."

  6. Happy Birthday to LA!!! Love your blog Michael - keep it going! ;)

  7. Well LA, I'm shocked and surprised, you don't look a day over 3 :-)

  8. Happy Birthday LA!! How time flies :) x

  9. AW, Barmaid, Travis - thanks!! :-)

  10. Meant to say yesterday, there's a slice of Law Actually themed birthday cake on its way to you all! Try not to choke on the icing! :p

  11. Thanks, Juliet... I'll save you some b'day cake! :-)

  12. Background Checking22 February 2011 at 22:29

    So its been 4 years. of Law Actually