Back to the grind…


Returning to work from a week or so off is always a tough one but my recent (and first) ‘staycation’ was great.

I’d never holidayed in the UK before and was bit sceptical prior to leaving, but I have to admit, it was a raging success. Plenty of fresh, northern air, vibrant culture, unhealthy food and lots of downtime was just what the doctor ordered. 

Now he just needs to unclog my arteries.

We were moving around a bit and I had toyed with the idea of doing ‘blawging roadtrip’ – Law Actually style.  Despite that prospect going down like a cup of cold sick with my gf, when it actually came to it, I simply couldn’t be bothered and was glad of the break.  Maybe I’m not into blogging as much as I thought!

Who me?

Although I tethered my smartphone to my laptop whilst we were away, I’ve not been online an awful lot.  The result:

  • Google reader is clogged up to hell (it’s given up and just said ‘1000+’ unread feeds)… I’ve have to resort to doing batches of ‘mark all as read’.
  • Inbox is full of sh*t (nothing new there then) and my work emails already have me on the cusp of a series of panic attacks.
  • World events seem to have passed me by entirely… what’s all this about a campsite?

GF and I had a serious talk on the way back on Friday night whilst she was bombing down the motorway being a middle lane hog as usual driving absolutely at the legal speed and in full compliance with every aspect of the Highway Code about managing my ‘work-life balance’.  My phrase – not hers.  I don’t think she’s happy. 

But all’s well that ends well hopefully.

Still, the blawgosphere seems to have ticked over nicely.

Missed me?
Nah - thought not. Be right back


  1. hey hey, the middle lane is the safest lane ok?! where did you end up "staycating"?

    and of course we missed you! I made a comeback and you weren't even here to say hi!

  2. Welcome baaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!! =D

  3. LWB - I did respond to the comment you left on Law Actually previously (I think that counts as saying 'hi'! ;-) ).

    As for where we were, it was all around north yorkshire - "oooah eh chuck.."

    Andro - wow... that's quite a welcome! :-)


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