Studying Law – Intentions versus Reality

Law Actually - back to school graphicIt’s back to school time, kids - law school style. For the countless students out there, it’s time to dust off your textbooks, dig out your laptop and get your sweet little cheeks down to your university’s campus for enrolment.

For newbie students, or seasoned pros who should know better, here’s the Law Actually run down on typical law student kit, what it should be used for, and what you’ll probably end up doing with it.


What you’re meant to do

What you actually do


Read them and, you know, learn about some lawwy type stuff.

Use them as expensive doors stops, or stack them up as a bedside table.


Read the relevant bits of jurisprudence to save you dragging your sorry ass down to the law library to read the full case (you know… like you were meant to)

Doorstop, thick coaster or propping up that dodgy shelf.


Type up all of those first class scholarly papers.

Surfing porn, f***book and twitter, and researching whether you’ve picked up an STD as a fresher.

Legal Dictionary

Remind yourself of those legal terms and bits of Latin which you really should remember

Provide an ideal environment for dust bunnies to thrive.

Study Guide

Use it as a pathfinder to help ease your way into a subject, or whilst outlining revision notes.

Crack it open in sheer desperation when you realise your 3000 word paper is due in in 4 hours’ time and you haven’t got the foggiest.

That money your parents gave you

Spend it wisely and carefully on essentials

Blow it down the student union on your first night there!

That credit card you took out for emergencies

The clue’s in the name – though it should have come stamped with ‘for emergency use only’.

Give in to temptation and buy that Xbox 360, Kinect, widescreen plasma TV... hot tub?

Study session in the library

Researching / writing / slowly returning to life having snuck out of the early lecture after nearly pickling your brain the night before down ‘the union’.

Ogling the tastier members of your class / chatting with buddies


Printing out those scholarly papers.

Print out those embarrassing pictures of that night you got really wasted so you can pin it up on your dorm room wall. Better be quick, before the ink dries up in the cartridges!!


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