Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ooh–piece of candy… Ooh–piece of candy…

From BBC News 01/09/11:

A chocolate "trail" led to the capture of a drunken thief, a court in Devon has been told.

Mark Rye, 29, of Fore Street, Exeter, was "off his face" when he broke into a Co-operative store in the city in May, stealing alcohol and sweets.

Devon and Cornwall Police were able to track him down by following a trail of dropped Minstrels chocolates.

I wonder if PC Plod followed the trail of Minstrels a la James Woods in Family Guy.
Ooh - piece of candy

Rye, who admitted burglary and drugs charges, was jailed at Exeter Crown Court for three years and nine months.

The burglar, who lived near the store, was caught on CCTV.

Defence lawyer Gareth Evans said: "He lives just around the corner and the CCTV covers that road. It was crass stupidity.

And here’s the charming chap himself.

candy thief

No, I didn’t have him down as a Minstrel eater either.  Be right back

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