Crazy search terms strike again

law actually search terms - sep 11

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these posts, and I’ve got some brarmers in store!

“how fast can graduates go on the dole” – and who said ambition was dead?

“law actually blo” - I don’t think I’m comfortable with it being referred to as a ‘blo’. It makes me feel kind of cheap.

“stinky line of people” – just head down to your nearest railway station.

“baywatch shauni monobrow” - I’m glad I'm not the only one who noticed it.

“court stenographer+darts” – What’s this – some kind of party game for law students where you draw straws for being the dart board?

“pupillage HOW TO CHEAT” – wow... you can really sense the desperation there.

“i am doing llb law at bpp in Manchester” – good for you.  

“brothels in looe” - People come to Cornwall for all kinds of reasons  - brothels shouldn’t be one of them!!

“seat belt law cpntributory negligence” - everything that’s wrong with the world... when it’s easier to leave typo and let google make thoughtful suggestions as to what it thinks you meant...

“is it illegal for insurance firms to look at your facebook” -  nope.. and it’s too late to delete your ‘crash for cash’ boasts to your friends.

“human rights act family life ivf” - oh do you yourself (and the rest of us) a favour and don’t bother.  We’ve a large enough population on our hands and if you can’t have them naturally, maybe you weren’t meant to.  

“wins solciters calculater” - asked the dyslexic to Google

“get real pupillage” - ah an interesting play on words…

“can you miss classes on bpp fast track lpc” - what the frick do you think?  the words ‘fast track’ and ‘lpc’ should tell you all you need to know.

“most commonest bird in road accident” - a drunk one.

“what can you do with solicitors that have been posted on the solicitors from hell web site” - you can pay Rick Kordowski some money so he removes it (or is he too busy dealing with litigation being brought against him now?)

“pupillage applications tiring” – Diddums.

“can you charge someone with murder with no head uk”  - Well, think about it… who would the officer charging the defendant address when he’s reading the criminal charges?  I guess he could talk to their shoulders... ;-) (Or check this). 


  1. Haha! Great post! :D The one about the dole is priceless

  2. I've actually been a bit disappointed with the search terms recently... much more dirty and less wacky than I used to get.

    Most seen to involve "f*acebook", that 3 letter word concerning dastardly deeds between a gentleman and lady (you know the one) and various forms of underwear.

    There was a time I'd get legally related searches :-(

  3. Bad luck Tulsa... you already know my feelings toward blog spammers so I wouldn't bother leaving any again - I delete them as a matter of course. ;-)

    Same goes for you, too, "Oklahoma City Divorce Attorneys"

  4. I wonder, does that last one mean that someone wants to know if you can be charged with murder if the police only find the *body*?


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