Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another Law Actually Birthday

law actually birthday graphic 5

Yep. Another blogging birthday is ticked off.

I looked back at what I wrote a year ago and was depressed to realise it was more or less identical to what I planned to write this time.

So I just won’t bother.

I think I’ll go off and enjoy some Law Actually birthday cake instead.  Party smile


  1. Happy birthday! Personally, I just copy and paste these posts from one year to the next...

    Enjoy the cake. Oh, and the HL2...

  2. Thanks both.

    John - I've steered clear of all gaming recently. A little bit of HL2 brings me some blessed relief, despite having played it God knows how many times. I'm currently in the grips of Episode 1 (my least favourite). With Alyx's help, I've battled my way back into the Citadel and stabilised the reactor whilst having great fun with the super-charged gravity gun en route. Just heading for the train now. The multi-storey car park scene when the lights go out and all the nasties come out to get you when you're waiting for the lift (ahem - elevator) is coming up. That always drives me to despair.

    Think I'll have to eat some more cake to calm myself down when I pick it back up this evening.

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the Cake! :)