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Recognising that large swathes of the public wouldn’t trust a personal injury solicitor further than they could throw him, one firm has decided to take on the challenge of restoring faith in this branch of the profession and in the worthiness of the claims they bring.

I know what you’re thinking: pity the poor PI solicitor, eh? It comes to something when they need to drum-up business and bolster their credibility using an online game. But let’s not be cynical – give it chance.

Eye rolling smile

So, the idea is simple. You watch a selection of short clips in which people suffer various slips, trips, and RTAs and vote whether you think they should bring a claim. Personally, I think it’s missing a voiceover by Michael Buerke and the 999 jingle for dramatic effect.

shouldtheyclaimSo far, so good. But the key question for me is why people would want to do this.

Most people only think about instructing a personal injury lawyer if they’ve suffered some kind of accident or other misfortune. Otherwise, why would you?

And those who are in that unfortunate position, surely won’t be bowled over at the prospect of watching some poor chap going a over t from his bike following a head-on with for Ford Mondeo or an innocent pedestrian getting squished against a wall by an old dear with dodgy clutch control trying to reverse park her Citroën Saxo. If you’re recuperating at home with an accident claim pending, with only daytime TV and the thoughts of fashioning a noose from your clothes line to occupy you, do you really want to be exposed to anything that might tip you over the edge?

But what the heck, why not give it a go? 

I wonder if there’s a board game version planned?


  1. One reason for claiming is to prevent a worse accident happening to someone else.

    Let me explain.

    A child trips in the school playground and sprains an ankle leading to a support bandage and a couple of days off school. Should he claim? No, of course not, money grubbing etc etc ...

    A month later, at the same place, under similar circumstances, another child trips. This time he splits his head open and dies.

    If the child with the sprain had made a claim, the source of the accident would've been remedied. The second accident wouldn't have happened.

    1. Not sure that I agree with you gy3s. If there is proper accident management and reporting then the second accident wouldn't have happened because the souce would have been remedied already (assuming that in your example the school/local authroity was liable and it wasn't a case of he just tripped over as kids do in school playgrounds).

  2. Cool game! I scored 80%! :D But I'd advise that woman in a restaurant (who fell through the window), to give it a try. It's all no win, no fee anyway! :D


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