Valentine’s Day cards for Geeks (and Geekesses)

All found here.

Twitter - Valentines

Tweet heart?  Oh my!  Feel like moaning in despair at this one?  Permission Granted.

Inbox Zero - Valentines

Inbox Zero isn’t awesome.  It’s an unattainable myth with no basis in reality.  As a Valentine’s Day card this fails miserably.  Next?

Range - Valentines

Hmm.  Cute.  That antenna is very, um, erect.  Probably just a coincidence. 

HTML - Valentines

Bit of a damp squib.  I can’t see many ladies’ hearts going all-a-flutter on receipt of this.  That’s not to say that HTML and CSS can’t be sexy.  It just isn’t here.*

*Ok, scratch that – it’s never sexy.

You're My Type - Valentines

Cracking.  That’s more like it.  Just tell me the message inside isn’t in Comic Sans though.

Facebook - Valentines

Ah, romance for the Facebook modern age.  I think we have a winner.


  1. the twitter one is the best methinks! Only because twitter rocks my socks off :-)

  2. Hmm, I thought that about twitter once, too. In 2008. Briefly. :p


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