Siri and Scottish accents

I was on a train on Saturday when I overheard someone asking their iPhone all kinds of weather updates – with varying degrees of success. Yep, it was snowflake panic central throughout the whole carriage.

In the circumstances, it would have been a lot more efficient to have used the touchscreen instead of speech recognition to find out that the 5 snowflakes that had settled were enough to bring the country to its knees. I’m not an Apple user myself, and despite the good things I’ve heard about Siri, it’s not enough to make me buy an Apple product.

I’m still somewhat burned by the crashing disappointment of speech recognition back in the late 90s and I find it tough getting past this mental block. I recognise that it has come on a long way since then and Siri, for what it’s worth, seems to be a significant leap forwards.

However, just like my experience on Saturday, this hilarious spin on an Apple iPhone commercial stands as a painful reminder that speech recognition technology still has a long way to go.

Having a wee bit of trouble.


  1. Yeah; it really doesn't work that well with the old scottish accent. The BBC tried it out in the Mastrick area of Aberdeen and the results were not good.:


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