Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fighting back against the PI claims scandal

The personal injury niche generally comes in for a lot of bad press – deservedly so at times. As well as the infamous ambulance-chasing antics, sketchy client care and extortionate success fees, the dubious business of cross-referrals can badly impact the credibility of firms which work in this area.

Perhaps most pernicious of all is the practice of insurance companies selling potential claims to the firm of solicitors with the highest bid. (Think of it as exploiting claimants via e-Bay). 
Be right back

In response to some of the more dubious practices exhibited by their peers, Spencers solicitors have decided it’s time to bring these antics out into the open and have set up a dedicated site along with an eBay page.

auction injury claimsLook at ‘im…. poor sod

“The bidding is open to you to claim your share of compensation from this man's horrific plight. The odds of a large and successful claim are virtually guaranteed, so don't miss the boat. Get bidding on this man today.

Remember, the highest bidder wins!”

...Ooh – I hate them all!!  Surprised smile

If that raises your blood pressure (and let’s face it, virtually anything to do with insurance is prone to do that), stress relief is on hand in the form of an interactive game at injury auction. What could be more therapeutic than lobbing wooden gavels at potential bidders for PI claims.

The only thing missing is the sound effect:

Pow, right in the kisser” ... “Pow, right in the kisser

pow - right in the kisserPow – right in the kisser!!

take that you money-grabbing harlotTake that you money-grabbing harlot!!

Strangely satisfying!  Why not try playing the game yourself?

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