Guest Post: Creating the perfect legal CV

legal job CVA CV is the first opportunity to show a potential employer that you are qualified for a role and getting it wrong can mean the difference between a job offer and not even making it to an interview.

While there are many specifics to consider when writing a CV for a legal role, there are general points which should be kept in mind – it sounds simple, but making sure any contact details given on a CV are correct is key. You don’t want a wrong phone number or email address to mean an interview offer is given to another candidate, so check, double check and then check again.

As well as this, remember that it is your responsibility to present information about yourself in the best way possible. By putting something at the top of your CV you are telling a potential employer that this is the most important thing about you – so make sure it is something like experience relevant to the role, and not the fact you have a GCSE in Art!

When writing your CV you should also make sure that you can explain and justify absolutely everything it includes, from gaps in your working life to roles you have taken which took you off your career path. Remember, if you took a day-long course in a certain aspect of law two years ago then you should not write as though you are an expert in that area, as you could easily be tripped up by an interview question.

When it comes to writing a CV for a legal position there are some specifics which can help your document to show your skills and personality in the best light.

Always start with your relevant qualifications, including where you took your LPC and what grade you achieved – pass, merit etc. Follow this with your current role and a brief bullet point list of your responsibilities.

After this include any cases you worked on which demonstrate that you have the skills asked for in the new role you are applying for.

Examples could include liaising with partners throughout the country and overseas, running a team, coordinating meetings between offices, giving training, drafting contracts and preparing claims.


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