Lee Mack and Magic Eye chins

As a kid I could never “see” Magic Eye prints (I mean, random dot autostereograms).  Then again, I kept failing my colour blindness tests at school because I got it into my head I was looking for a tiny little black number somewhere in the big multi-coloured circle of dots.  Once I knew what I was looking for, I passed with flying (ahem) colours.

Yep, I wasn’t very observant, but I like to think I’ve improved on that front.

My girlfriend’s take on that story is that I was stupid, not colour blind.  Charming.  Quite possibly true, too. 

Thinking smile

Anyway, I stumbled across the following picture on Digg under the heading “Attention to Detail”.  I’m not sure what kind of person spots these things just watching a show, but I know I wouldn’t have spotted it

Lee Mack - Magic Eye ChinThink of a number: what’s Lee got on his mind?


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