It’s getting kind of quiet around here…

I’ve just been clearing out / sorting some more of my Google Reader subscriptions.  What the hell has happened to the ‘blawgosphere’? 

The legal bloggers who I always regarded as ‘old timers’ are looking a bit thin on the ground suddenly, and those who are still about, haven’t updated in a while.

I’m scared to speak too loudly in case it echoes!  Eye rolling smile

You’ll be telling me there’s tumbleweed rolling down the road next…

legal blogs tumbleweed

Ah – crap!


  1. Funny, I've also been clearing out my Google Reader subscriptions in the last few days, and thought the same thing. A sad state of affairs.

    Still, we could subscribe to some of those nice new law firm blogs that keep posting about matters in the news, and then telling us how we should instruct them if we want advice upon such matters.

    Or maybe not...

    An Old Timer.

  2. Oh *those* new law firm blogs make me want to vomit. They're so transparently self-serving (but in a way that pretends not to be) it's sickening!!

    A fellow Old Timer. :-)

  3. Crazy, I've also been cleaning out my The search engines Audience subscribers in the last few times, and believed the same factor. A sad situation.

    Still, we could join to some of those awesome new law company weblogs that keep publishing about issues in the information, and then informing us how we should advise them if we want guidance upon such issues.

  4. Jerry, your utterly inane and pointless comment had made me die a little bit inside.

    Please don't leave any more...

  5. Looks like I'll need to clear out my rss subscriptions too, seeing as everyone else is doing it. :D

  6. Yeah, knock yourself out! :p

    I've a sneaky little suspicion that "Jerry" (from Bangladesh according to my stats) was pulling my plonker.
    Strange... I'd never really considered Jerry to be a typical Bangladeshi name...


  7. Can't speak for all, and I am certainly not an old-timer, but...exams.
    Still read you, though, Michael. :)

  8. Good stuff, LY (and good to hear from you).

    Hope the exams go well! :-)

  9. Shhh: you're disturbing the dust!
    And I'm still here, just as Dumpling instead of my previous incarnation :)

  10. Super! Glad you're still with us, Dumpling! :-)

    And how appropriate to be told to "shhh" by a librarian! :p


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