iJudges and practising law the Apple way

From the New York Post 29/04/12:

It’s an order from the court — send me an iPad!

New York City judges are gobbling up Apple iPads, iPhones and computers with taxpayer cash.

Not another expenses scandal?!  Surprised smile

The Apple gadgets were the favorite purchases of judges who enjoy a $10,000-a-year allowance, according to a review of 2011 reimbursement records obtained by The Post.

Judges also used the money for Internet service at their homes — and sometimes vacation homes, for newspaper deliveries, cellphone costs and travel to conferences as far away as California and Puerto Rico. They bought GPS navigation systems, judicial license plates and water coolers and refrigerators for their chambers and charged it to taxpayers.

legal licence plates

Some judges, like Manhattan Civil Court Judge Jennifer Schecter, spent every last penny. Schecter bought a $1,785.83 Apple laptop, a $106.95 printer from the Apple store and a $889.51 Apple iPad with a protection plan and case. She was reimbursed for just $517.51 of the iPad costs because she had exceeded the $10,000 limit.

Oh come on?! What’s a judicial Apple fanboi to do? And let’s not judge (ahem) them too harshly; some trials can be frightfully boring. It’s only right judges are given access to the latest and greatest shiny Apple products to help combat that boredom.

There’s nothing like a session on Angry Birds during tedious court proceedings. I’m sure members of the judiciary often wish it’s the defendants and claimants they were launching at great speed from a giant slingshot rather than virtual feathered fowl!!

angry birds lawyer

Housing Court Judge Maria Ressos bought an iPhone and an iPad, paying an identical $759.29 for each, she claimed in records. She was reimbursed for only $740 because she had maxed out her limit.

I believe that’s known as the full meal deal! Maybe judges don’t need to act judiciously then.


  1. I wish I was a judge. I need a new laptop.


    I don't like Apple products though. *while looking at evil iPhone laughing at me for costing me so much*


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