Sunday, 1 July 2012

Updated blog theme

It must be that time of year again – Law Actually’s gotten a makeover.

It’s not a massive change; it retains the same template structure but has thankfully lost the energy-sapping browns and creams of the previous design. The new style uses a background image available through blogger rather than some concoction of my own, and while a high speed train isn’t perhaps a totally natural fit, the colours work well for me.

The theme remains a work in progress and I intend to add a few tweaks here and there going forward.

The previous Law Actually design was always a bit of a half-assed rush-job, thrown up in response to my massive blog breakdown 12 months ago.

Thankfully, this change is a happier one.  Let’s hope it remains that way.


  1. Looks good - especially like the header! However, you lose one mark for using the term 'going forward'!


  2. Looking very good. Well done.

  3. John - thanks! :-) I grimaced slightly over that phrase when I typed it. It stayed in, against my better judgement. Still, it's not quite as offensive as "basically" or "to be fair" is it? Actually, don't answer that... :p

    Gemma - thanks ... (although it's not up to your high standards) :-)

  4. I like it!!

    I also note that you've finally updated your 'about me' section :D

  5. Thanks, Andro! :-)

    The 'about me' section has been there for ages; I can only assume you hadn't spotted it drifting in that unappealing sea of browns and creams! ;-)