Desperate Young Lawyer – asking the impossible

From the Metro Friday 19th October 2012*:

From the Metro - Fri 191012 2

Well - it seems that desperation abounds in the legal profession. 
Really?  I’d never have thought it.  Be right back

It seems that the sender might be in need of having a few myths debunked:

  • All Most law firms are insane;
  • All lawyers without exception must sell their soul to the devil (it’s a pre-requisite for a practising certificate);
  • Announcing yourself as desperate probably won’t do you any favours, but hey, recruiters sometimes prize honesty.

    I think I might have overheard the sender of this particular text talking on a mobile phone on a train a few weeks ago.  (If it was that individual, here’s a piece of advice: calling the SRA on a packed train giving out all of your personal details to all and sundry within earshot is a bit of an own goal if you ask me.  The fact you had to call them back after passing through a long tunnel caused the call to drop simply worsened the crime.  The amount of people who seem to think they’re the only one’s in the carriage as they spread their confidential papers over the table at a packed table seat or finish their expert medical report on their laptop in plain view of others is utterly staggering.  You can’t always rely on your fellow commuters being as respectable and gentlemanly as me by averting their gaze immediately.) 

    Ahem.  Eye rolling smile

    Btw - My eagle-eyed girlfriend spotted this one in Friday’s metro; I missed it entirely, of course.

    When she asked if I’d seen it this morning, I said that I hadn’t but thought it might be good for a mention on Law Actually. Not only did she dig the relevant edition out from the recycling pile, but she even tore the page out. What a girl! 

    She isn’t Assistant Editor-in-Chief for nothing, you know!

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    1. I thought it was a Lawactually photoshop job! ;)

    2. Nope - this one is genuine (for once!!). ;-)

    3. I was hoping you'd pick this one up! I laughed out loud when I read this!


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