Troutlippe and Pout – Law firm

Troutlippe & Pout - Law Firm

Finally!  A firm specialising in medical malpractice (and particularly botched cosmetic surgery procedures) who can properly sympathise with their clients.

Our dedicated team of lawyers are all the victims of overzealous (or, all too often, blatantly negligent) surgeons who have wrought havoc on their lips, noses and in a couple of cases, jahooblies.

It might seem tough to recruit lawyers who have suffered at the hands of the medically negligent, but given the unwavering vanity of many lawyers in practice today, it’s perhaps not as hard as you might think. (The managing partner turned a blind eye to the recruitment policy – just think of it as a dose of positive discrimination).

Yep - all of our fee earners have “had work done.” Heck, some of the ladies are “pulled so tight they’ve got to cross their legs to smile”.

So if you’ve been left with a couple of pick ‘n’ mix bananas for lips or laughing tackle that a mackerel would be proud of, our lawyers are the ones to turn to.

What have you got to lose?  Actually… don’t answer that.  Be right back


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