Legal advice and that personal touch

There’s a lot to be said for the personal touch when it comes to legal advice.

Whilst some types of work can be more suited to high-volume, factory-style delivery of legal services (such as straightforward conveyancing and some uncomplicated personal injury claims) other, more complex matters are still more suited to that one-on-one bespoke service offered by a conventional law firm. And traditional high street firms of solicitors still play a vital role in delivering that.

Even if the Solicitors Regulation Authority pulls its finger out and starts processing an appreciable number of ABS applications, it’s nice to know not everyone is itching to jump on the Tesco law bandwagon at the first opportunity.  The conventional firm of solicitors is worth championing and its role in delivering modern legal services should be celebrated – not ridiculed. 

This video from [enter generic firm of solicitors – ahem] adopts a humorous approach to drive home the message that when it comes to legal services, there’s nothing quite like the personal touch delivered by a conventional law firm. 

[Video Removed Surprised smile]


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