Airborne Affront to Court Etiquette

farted in courtFrom This is Grimsby 31/01/13:

The quiet dignity of a court session was abruptly disturbed when someone loudly broke wind in the public gallery.

Nobody apologised for the noisy interruption – and there were anxious looks from people nearby who feared they might get the blame. [Remember – he who smelt it, dealt it.  Then again, he who said the rhyme, did the crime].  Grimsby magistrates pretended they had not heard a thing, and in a seemingly unrelated incident a few minutes later, all the lights went out for a few seconds before flickering back on again.

Goodness me and a half.

Let’s hope it did come from the public gallery; surely the magistrates themselves wouldn’t have let rip with a backdoor trombone blast. 

I wonder how the parpetrator perpetrator fared.  Be right back


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