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Form an orderly queue ladies and gents.  If the idea takes off, I’ll also branch out into mass-producing personal badges as well.  My inspiration? Well, after a typically bad day in Uni last November I came home and without uttering so much as a word, plonked myself down at the computer and mocked up a prototype in Publisher.  Having printed it off and duly pinned it on myself, I then proceeded to go about my evening's business sporting my aptly-worded badge, much to my girlfriend’s amusement.

Naturally, there’s one available to long-suffering students on the BVC as well.  And fear not, students on the GDL – there’ll be one for you too. 

The bumper stickers currently retail at the very competitive price of £4.99, 25 pence from each sale is donated to the charity, 'Save the Law Students'.


  1. Perhaps you should provide a Range of stickers in this respect including:
    " I Lost my House"
    "I Lost my Mind"
    and, that eternal show-stopper,
    " I Lost My Ability to Get a Proper Job"
    Just a thought....

  2. Ha Ha Law minx, very funny. Also I really love the snow on the title, Law Actually - keep up the good work!!!!

  3. I thought most of us lost our self respect before starting on the LPC?
    Perhaps with the idea "I know, I want to be a lawyer"?

  4. Well, maybe. I like to think that a least a portion of my self respect was still in tact before starting on the LPC, though.

    It was really after watching an episode of Family Guy where Peter's car sported a bumper sticker saying,'I lost my self respect at Wes' Rib House' that I realised a)just how much self respect I'd lost since being on the LPC, b)what a great idea a bumper sticker stating so would be and c) if someone can lose their self respect in a rib house, they certainly can lose it on the LPC.


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