Happy 2008

2008 Law Party


As 2007 went out with something of a whimper and the brand new, sparkling 2008 swept in, I found myself yet again asking what all the fuss was about.  Oh well.  I suppose I must resign myself to the fact that I never have and probably never will 'get' New Year.  Sigh.

And of 2008? Well, as seems fitting for me these days, I've had my technical hat firmly on and been attempting to troubleshoot a litany of technical computer headaches and connectivity problems, none of which have been straightforward.  The fact I've had to carry out such technical assistance, remotely, that is, on another continent to the 'client' has only heightened the challenge. 

So while I vaguely ponder that it will soon be time to get back to some 'law' (yeah, whatever the hell that is) I remain firmly the tech guru at the moment.  So as of 23.30 on 1st January 2008 I can say the following the still trouble me:



  • Does the Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR DPC2100 Cable Modem REALLY require Vista specific drivers? (or is the fact the end user has both an Ethernet AND USB cable connected simultaneously --or one of them missing all together-- exacerbating the issue?!?)  Yeah, seriously.  Best not to ask.
  • What ACTUALLY has caused a Dell Dimension 8400 to go into an endless cycle of freezes on boot-up displaying: "Boot fails at checkpoint Ithr"?  From my searches on the net, it seems there are a multitude of possible causes ranging from the processor overheating to loose connections or a dislodged RAM module.  So take your pick, buddy.  Oh, and just to mix things up a little, the problem can apparently be solved by removing the battery or disconnecting the base unit from the mains and waiting for all power to drain down.  Oh joy.
  • And WHY THE HELL is the colour sequence of diagnostic LEDs on the back panel the only combination NOT present on the Dell support materials?!?  This must be a freaking p**s-take.

Yeah, Happy 2008 indeed.


  1. Just to clarify here, once the machine was powered down for an hour or two, it booted up just fine. Still haven't got to the bottom of it.


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