"Qtrax 'free music' launch a dud"

Q trax shotFrom News.com.au - 29/01//08:

MUSIC-SHARING application Qtrax has launched one day late with a glitch that prevents users from downloading music.

Earlier this week Qtrax grabbed international attention by claiming it would launch a free, advertising-funded music download service with the blessing of major labels EMI, Warner Music, Sony BMG and Universal.

The launch was expected at 12am (4pm AEST) on Monday but was unexpectedly delayed after all major labels denied signing any agreements with Qtrax.

My own experience with this software simply mirrors the misery that other users have enjoyed, given what I've read online.  It's horribly slow, features an awful skin, has an illogical and awkward UI and worst of all, doesn't even work. 

The whole launch has been a debacle from start to finish - launching before having major record labels signed up and now it's finally online, delivers a sub-standard service.  Moving forward, it'll be interesting to see what happens.  It may well be that Qtrax is going to be unable to deliver what it previously promised.

I'll persevere with it until I can actually listen/download something, presumably if and when my account is 'activated'.  In the meantime, I'll continue to be plagued, no doubt, by that pesky pop-up window saying 'downloads coming soon'.  Great.  Good job, Qtrax.


  1. BTW: I recently heard that the current problems plaguing Qtrax should be resolved by April. Given the myriad of broken promises to date, I'm not sure that anyone will care by then.


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