The Michael returns

Underground Sign So, I made it back from my London trip with nothing more than moderate-to-severe sleep deprivation coupled with a deeply-seated frustration re. the state of Britain’s rail network, and the nation’s infamously bad weather. Yes, I WAS caught in the melee of rail disruptions yesterday on my journey back, I WAS pressed into a rail carriage with the space and dignity afforded to an average tinned sardine and I WAS absolutely correct in my prediction that my London trip was going to be bad.

Having gotten back around 10.45 last night, I’ve spent the day catching up on sleep, emails and a host of other things. I noticed sadly that this blog was given short shrift in Charon’s much anticipated ‘Blawg Review’ – what was all that about?!? Listing Law Actually under ‘and… some good student blogs I enjoy reading’ – I mean, seriously! Does the guy not recognise great content when he sees it? Just kidding, Charon.

I was disappointed, though, to see that Law Actually had slipped down the Google rankings for ‘law student blog UK’ but was heartened to see it top of the list for ‘law student blog LPC’. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Anyway, after my week in the big smoke, I can safely say the following, without hesitation or qualification:

1. My God, I really hate team-building exercises, overly-enthusiastic people, Mac fanatics who think Vista is sh*t (seriously, don’t even get me started on those goons) and just the whole notion of ‘corporate training’.

2. I hate those who run team-building and corporate training programmes even more than the wretched courses they stupidly devise

3. Sloppy hotel standards are still running absolutely rife in the UK; there is an abundance, however of atrocious food, shocking hospitality and dodgy smelling lifts.

4. Wembley Stadium is architecturally a big disappointment – they spent how much on that monster?!?

5. Travelling on the tube at rush hour on Friday is doable, but not to be recommended – particularly not with a suitcase!

6. How I made it through from Sunday morning until Friday night without browsing the internet, emailing, blogging and my usual online repertoire is nothing short of a miracle

7. Following London slang can be a difficult undertaking for a ‘Westcountrionian’ like myself: “seriously, man, it’s propa ‘ard, innit!”

It’s all good stuff.


  1. Excellent.. you have the right attitude.. I did laugh when I saw your link on my stats and then read your post.

    We go forward in 2008 with optimisim?

    Thanks for mentioning the blawg review :-)

    I am done tonight... I have been writing about an extraordinary US attorney. It has done my head in...


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