Off to London

London The Michael heard earlier this week that he must travel to London for 5 days on 'urgent business'.  While initially being less than pleased, I've now resigned myself to the fact that a) I must do it, b) it's gonna be bad and c) well, there isn't really a c).  You get the idea.  I'm not happy.

So, blawgwatchers, this will be my final posting until sometime late next week, when I'll be back, presumably full of doom and gloom and bad stories about my week in the 'big smoke'.

Oh, and being 12th night, I've made sure that my Law Actually Christmas decorations are down in good time.  Whoopeedoo.  Roll on next year, eh!  Sigh.


  1. C) could possibly be " because its going to be bad I am going off to the pubs and clubs of the West End to ease the pain of the sheer and utter BADNESS of it all"
    Seriously, though, it cant REALLY be that bad - can it?
    I hope things work out in a satisfactory fashion for your good self!


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